I just need to apologise because I legit haven’t written a blog or filmed a vlog since christmas. Well thats actually a lie, I did film a vlog back in January but it was so boring I never uploaded it anywhere (what a waste lol). So here it is, basically as you know i’m a … More IM SO SORRY


Hello!!!! I know I know, I havent posted in a while, but honestly there’s no other reason than uni! It’s been hectic, literally its killing me! “So whats been going on?” So basically, since new year (and when I say new year I mean, from the 1st!) I have been doing a radio take over … More I’LL BE BACK


       So I’ve just come back from being away with my boyfriends family, we stayed in a reconstructed barn in the middle of know where in wales! (I obviously forgot I was in wales and didn’t understand why nothing was in English lol). But anyway it was a really nice weekend away from … More WEEKEND AWAY


“Christmas shopping failed” So I did it, I took the plunge and I made my first vlog!!!! I’m not sure if it’ll be very interesting to people but it was a tester to see if I could do it and I actually quite enjoyed it. I think I might start trying to do one once … More I DID IT

I need to get out more

Every student, well actually most people I know will understand the struggle of finding Netflix series. But for most students, after doing assignments, sitting in classes and nights out.. theres actually not much else to do other than sit and watch TV. In most students case this is Netflix (or the illegal way). I have … More I need to get out more