I just need to apologise because I legit haven’t written a blog or filmed a vlog since christmas. Well thats actually a lie, I did film a vlog back in January but it was so boring I never uploaded it anywhere (what a waste lol). So here it is, basically as you know i’m a third year student (help me) my dissertation is due in less than a month, as well as my final project (kill me, kill me now). So obviously I’ve been pretty tied under with work at the minute. You know I could of filmed vlogs but who wants to see endless footage of me sitting on my laptop doing work?? NO ONE. So I decided to just not film. Obviously to gain a successful blog or vlog you have to be consistentย and as it stands I just cant follow that so please bare with me. This writing time should be spent on dissertation (oh dear) but please i’m so bored I needed a change. So what better way to switch it up than vlogging my birthday.

Thats right I turned 23 on Saturday (still 21 at heart though) and I filmed the whole thing. I spent the day getting a tattoo, spending time with family and then dancing away with the girls in Birmingham. It was a fab night and I was spoilt rotten by everyone. Other than that pretty much my life is same old same old. Although I have got two holidays booked which are new bonus. First one is at the end of June and ill be going to the Hideout festival in Croatia with some of the girls. This is something thats currently getting me through the hard times (boring times) of finishing my work. Not long as final year will be finished. This is something that makes me happy but also very sad. I still don’t have anything solid lined up for after uni, I have a few ideas of what I want to do which is more than I had before but still SCARY.

So anyway as usual the vlogs link is at the bottom of this page, go give it a watch, share you know do your thing. I cant promise the next vlog will be any time soon but I’ll really try (a bit). Thanks for reading and hanging around, its much appreciated.


BIRTHDAY VLOG – Click here

Lots of Love – T xxxxย 



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