I know I know, I havent posted in a while, but honestly there’s no other reason than uni! It’s been hectic, literally its killing me!

“So whats been going on?”

So basically, since new year (and when I say new year I mean, from the 1st!) I have been doing a radio take over with my fellow radio students. For a module we are having to take over Scratch radio and give it a brand new image for two weeks. This includes new shows, new presenters and new sounds. Overall (with half a week to go) its been enjoyable! BUT very very stressful and busy. This whole process has been good because its finally introduced me to a radio role that I want to be involved with when I leave university in the summer. A role I had no idea exists, but is a massive and important role in radio. Station sound. This includes making the jingles, jabs and ident’s (for people that don’t know, its basically every bit of sound you hear whilst listening to a radio station). So as you can image I’ve heard A LOT of “You are listening to the scratch radio refresh” bursting through my ear phones with loud sound effects, crazy music and just all round LOUD. As i’ve just said we do still have half the week to go, but for my shows i’m done! (There be aired tonight 12-2am and Thursday at the same time). I’ve still got some work to do for the station sound and i’ve also got to write up a reflection on the whole experience but the hard work is done!!

This also means I havent posted or even filmed a VLOG since christmas! (I know shocking right!?). I will be getting back on that, hopefully at the end of this week! So look forward to that as I should have a lot of content to cover the 3 bloody weeks i’ve missed! But as you can image i’ve been busy, what with the radio take over monday to friday and then working back home saturday and sunday’s i’ve not had any time for myself, let alone my family and friends. SOΒ I apologise to my family and friends for neglecting you! I will be normal again soon lol! Although I’m still going to be busy as I have an assignment due at the end of the month and then an exam on the 1st of feb (which by the way I still need to revise for) but thats normal for third years right?

Anyway keep an eye out for my next VLOG, i’ll get on that asap! Oh and don’t forget to go and listen to my dance shows tonight 12-2 and thursday at the same time, Link below!!!!

Β Scratch Radio

Have a good week!! – Ty x



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