Its the time everything begins to settle down after christmas!! we’ve had christmas day, the food, the presents, the family time and most importantly happiness. I hope everyone had as good of a day as what I shared with my family. Next thing is new year!!! Every year I anticipate what i’m going to do, worrying ill be sat alone doing nothing! BUT normally I find something todo. Last year I went for some casual drinks, spent with friends. We waiting for new year to hit before heading home. This does sound boring but this was all planned because we spent the new years day at the race course, betting all our money away on horses (winning some, loosing a lot). It was a great day. This year however, I have the weekend of work, a lot of uni work to be doing and also a radio take over starting first week in jan so I need to prepare. Will I end up celebrating the new year some how? probably. But we will have to see what happens (and im sure ill update you next blog).

I honestly cant believe how quick this christmas break has gone, im not sure if its because ive been mega busy or whether my time has just FLOWN by. Like I just said, im back to Birmingham soon and this is where all my work commences and gets serious. I’m also waiting for some grades back which I’m so worried about so wish me all the luck in the world with those ones!!

I got some great gifts for christmas and was truly spoilt. OBVVVViously I did vlog the whole day so go check that out in the link below and as usual leave feedback and let me know what you think!! Anyway I wish everyone reading this a massive happy new year and hope this is brings you everything you hope for.


Lots of love – T x


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