Clothes show, Celebs & BARGAINS


Hey everyone!! So I this blog is EXTREMELY late because I had a very important report due in monday morning and I had to dedicate all of my time to this because I could not risk failing. It didn’t help that I didn’t quite understand the brief very well so I was struggling as it is. But its handed in now, the relief is real and its time to relax for christmas (a little bit).

So not yesterday, but last monday I went to the clothes show!! I’ve never been before so it was very new and exciting for me! I got lots of bargains and even some christmas presents which was great! The actual cat walk was quite entertaining and I enjoyed it! Jamie Laing was the host which obviously made it funny! He did quite well, and we also bumped into Alex Cannon and Pete Wicks from towie too. I did film the whole thing for my fourth VLOG (link is at the bottom of the page) so go take a look, as I also show what bargains I got too!


So its official I am now finished for christmas. Although I do have a lot of work to be doing over the christmas holidays so not so much time off. Im also due back at uni the first week in January because me and my class are taking over the universities radio station for almost 3 weeks as a part of an assessment. I am really looking forward to this but also so nervous!!! This is something I hope to do in my future, work in a radio station producing the stations sound and image! So this will be a good little tester to see if I Β really enjoy it and how I get along with the role! Ill give you an update to that when I’ve started it πŸ™‚ (exciting times). Its really nice being back home for a while, not worrying about when I have to next drive back to Birmingham, although being at home means i’m having to do over time at work for the christmas period. This isn’t such great news because I have so much work for uni to be concentrating on but I guess i’ll just think of the money as this is important (very important) lol. Β Is anyone else looking forward to christmas? because I can tell you now, I am very excited! Its going to be very different for me and my family this year as its our first christmas in our new home (we moved in back in march), we also have a new guest this year. My little baby sister Georgi, she was also born in march (the day after we moved lol) so it’ll be her first christmas! Having baby sisters defo makes christmas 100 times better!


Anyway, now uni isΒ out the way for a while I should be more consistent with blogs and vlogs so keep an eye out! Go watch my vlog, and as normal let me know thoughts and SHARE please (lav you forver).


VLOG 4 | Watch here, mwah xxx

Signing out – Tyla Jae xxxx


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