Happy 1st December everyone!!!!

Its official!! Its december, meaning its acceptable to wrap presents, be excited and basically act like a kid. This time of the year is also getting even better for me every year with two younger sisters, meaning its almost time to tell santa stories and pretend he falls down the chimney (lol). I’ve pretty much made a good start on my presents already and wrapped them too! I am struggling with a few people though, especially the boyfriend because he’s a fussy bugger!!


Some other exciting news!! The Gilmore Girls spin off season was released on the 25th (like I mentioned in my previous blog) and yes I have already finished it. If you havent watched it yet and you plan on watching, I wouldn’t carry on reading this blog just yet. It was sooo good. I mean it started of slow, but their was so many exciting things happening that you’ve been thinking of since the last season ended! One of the main characters Sookie, which is the big time actor Melissa McCarthy, was actually not in it that much. I thought this would be the case because she is such a big actor now she probably either didn’t have time or her profile is too big to be in a small time season now. They also added in the story line that she had gone to live somewhere else away from where the Gilmore Girls lived. BUT to my surprise she made a brief appearance at the end which I think was a good, because this is where her career started so why not show it the respect and love and show your face. She was her originally funny, bubbly character too which was great to see. Overall the new season was great BUT they left it on a massive cliff hanger!! Rori (the main girl) is pregnant? They also left it with so many questions? Who’s the dad? Will she keep it? where will she live? and although no one has confirmed a season 2, they have too! They cant release a season to bring the Gilmore Girls to a final close to then leave it on a massive cliff hanger!? surely not!!! So i’m currently in shock and hope that they will release another one!

After finishing that I also realised that American horror story had released two more seasons!! How did I not realise this! The first one called ‘Hotel’ stars lady gaga and her character was of course the queen of the hotel! I again have finished that in a week and now onto season 6! Its strange though, they’ve taken a new approach and instead of it just being a new story, they’ve filmed it in a way like a documentary. You’ve got three actors telling their story in interview type footage at the same time running along side another three actors playing the story. Its a bit confusing and different but its a new approach. Its still the messed up season american horror story lives up to be, but so far so good (ill probably finish it in a week lol anyway).

So anyway, I’ve also filmed my third VLOG. I’m getting comfortable with this whole thing and really enjoy it. Its also obviously christmas themed so go take a look, the link is at the bottom of this page.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, Ty x



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