So I’ve just come back from being away with my boyfriends family, we stayed in a reconstructed barn in the middle of know where in wales! (I obviously forgot I was in wales and didn’t understand why nothing was in English lol). But anyway it was a really nice weekend away from the mayhem and city life! I also VLOGGED the whole weekend which is now my second VLOG, and I’m actually quite enjoying it so i’ve decided to do one a week to see how it goes. So take a watch at the bottom of the page and PLEASE leave opinions and thoughts. The weekend away was also weird as I had zero signal on my phone and also the wifi was only reachable in the utility room (which even then it was still poor) so unless I wanted to sit on my own out the back I didn’t have any access to the outside world! Which was actually quite nice but it meant no blogs have been uploaded in a white and no social media updates!! So this is why! This time was also nice because even though I come home every weekend to work I don’t see my boyfriend much! He lives back home and I only get to see him at weekend evenings (because I spend all my time working god sake) so we FaceTime and text in the week and then see each other maybe twice over the weekend because of other commitments! So having the whole weekend with him was defiantly needed and was nice!

Back at uni now, got to start doing my theory module which is due in three weeks (yes three weeks) so I’m in no rush, I can take my time and enjoy (as much as possible). Its getting really close to christmas and although I started shopping over a month ago I’m starting to feel really unorganised with only finishing one persons presents. So this week will be mostly planning of what to buy. I have a masters degree open day tomorrow which will be interesting (future options?) who knows.

Anyway take a watch of my second VLOG, enjoy and have a great week.

WEEKEND AWAY – Click here

Tyla Jae x


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