“I guessed wrong”


Hey!!! So I have not written a new post in a while but I have excuses (real ones I promise). So after my last post I caught the dreaded flu, its the worst time of the year for it and everyone around me was suffering but I guessed because I’d only just got over a months long flu that my body surely wouldn’t put me through that again, HA I GUESSED WRONG. My body obviously wasn’t done! So I suffered for a few days in bed, missed half of the things I had previously said that I was going to do including the 1920’s event. Anyway after being ill for a few days I then realised I had deadlines coming up. Thats right, not only am I  ill in bed, I had to sit and do work! (sad times).  I had so much going on with being ill, catching up on my dissertation schedule, deadline work and on top of that finding time to actually go to work, (and of course halloween and firework night) it was a nightmare. But after all of that, and two deadlines later I find myself here. I do have more deadlines coming up but I have 2 weeks before the next one which is kind of a relief. So its safe to say final year is defiantly kicking into action. This week will mostly be spent catching up on my dissertation as I have not had much time to concentrate on that recently, and I also need to find time to create a website for my next assignment. A week in the life of a final year student, ZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzzz tiering stuff!

   “New Adventure’s

   When I started blogging I was a bit nervous of writing about myself, what people would think and if I could do it. After writing, i’ve actually enjoyed it and intend on carrying it on but i’ve also been looking at starting something new. I’m just thinking at this stage but I’m really kean at looking into it and think it would be a lot of fun! Sooooooo i’m thinking of Vlogging!! For some bloggers, this is something they already do. A lot of fashion and makeup bloggers follow up there blogs with hauls or vlogs to show there new makeup items or whatever. For people that don’t know what vlogging is, its a video blog. So instead of writing about things, ill film them! As I said before its just in the thought process at the moment, i’ll still be doing my blogs but vlogging might be in the near future. And would be quite fun. My favourite vloggers are defiantly Jake and Logan Paul (go check out there youtube channels).

So anyway, I’ll get back to my usual two blogs a week now and hopefully I wont have a work overload any time soon! (who am i kidding lol). Have a lovely week 🙂

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