“Am I doing it right?”


Just a note, I wrote this last night but it was too late to post.

-Just chilling in bed on a monday evening after a hectic weekend of work, a halloween event with the girls, seeing family and spending time with the boyfriend! I don’t have a topic to discuss so I thought i’d just write an update of how things are going. I’m just starting week five of my ‘dissertation planner’, so far I’m still on track (woop go me) and I’m quite pleased with this. Although I’m on track, I still feel majorly stressed of how my dissertation is going so far. I’m only 700 words in, but I’ve started and this instantly worries me and sends floods of questions.

Am I doing it right?

Does it make sense?

Have I referenced this part the ‘correct way’?

will i need to change this bit?

And to be honest I’ll probably end up rewriting the whole part at some point. So normally when I have no plans and time to myself, i’d sit and chill with some netflix on. Now currently led in bed on a monday evening with no plans, I find myself thinking and planning more work (probably because my boyfriend kicked me off his netflix account) but hey I’m still being organised one way or another. So after never attending tutorials before, I find myself with 3 tutorials currently booked in my diary, and finding time to fit another 2 in (changed women). I do still appreciate a bit of me time too though, I hardly get that these days (even though I am thinking of work).

So what does this week bring?

This week involves lots of classes and tutorials, a football game I’m going to watch with the cheer girls, a 1920’s event (ooh I know, how exciting) and halloween costume shopping!! I got paid last week also, so I did a bit more christmas shopping, a massive food shop and I also managed to treat myself to something i’ve wanted for a while. A fitbit blaze watch (smart watch). I’ve wanted a smart watch for a while and the fitbit had received some really good reviews and also looks nice which is a bonus. It also measures your exercise, sleeping patterns, heart rate and much more. The heart rate monitor was especially satisfying this weekend when I went to a halloween frightmare night (an event where you basically pay to be frightened) the image below shows my heart rate all normal all day and then you see the dramatic change when I’m at the event, its hilarious. (would defo recommend to go though lol). Anyway after my nice and short spend, my rent then quickly sucked the rest of my pay away. I enjoyed it whilst it lasted. Oh I forgot to mention i’m currently writing this with a chocolate fudge pot of ben and jerry’s (yaaaaaas).

So here goes week 5, lots more craziness and stressful times. They joys of final year.

Ty x


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