I need to get out more

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Every student, well actually most people I know will understand the struggle of finding Netflix series. But for most students, after doing assignments, sitting in classes and nights out.. theres actually not much else to do other than sit and watch TV. In most students case this is Netflix (or the illegal way). I have first hand knowledge of the struggle of finding a new series to watch. Now Im probably a bad example because I get through series so quick.. I watched the first 2 series of orange is the new black in 2 weeks (I know, get a life right?). After finishing a series, your so devastated that your journey with them characters are over, you don’t know where to turn next. You look for something similar (which is never a good idea) you fail, you look at the most popular category (and if your like me, you’ve watched them all) and fail, you start googling or do the classic Facebook status asking for help (which sometimes actually helps). So if your like me and get through series super quick, and struggle to pick the next one to start watching.. i’ve listed a few of the ones worth mentioning that i’ve watched and enjoyed. P.s, there are no spoilers I promise.


Prison Break:

One of the first series I watched. Nice and lengthly, lots of drama and good story lines. (The description is in the title if your wondering what its about). I am guilty of not actually finishing the series because there are so many episodes I got distracted and starting watching something else BUT its pretty good. So i’d defiantly recommend it!

Make it or break it: 

My freshers year series. This is something I would put on when I first moved into halls – its a typical girls series all about gymnasts trying to make it (sounds dull but obviously it involves scandals, love story’s and fights). It was only 3 seasons long but was entertaining. I was sad when it finished.

Orange is the new black:

Most people have probably heard of orange is the new black buuuuuuut its so good, I had to mention it. And if for some reason, you have never heard of OITNB then HELLO go watch now.. Like stop reading this and log into your Netflix (quick).


This is a good series for all ages really, all about lawyers and love stories. I started watching this when OITNB finished, so this was my rebound series. but quite a good watch and I’m excited for the next season.

Game of Thrones:

Now this isn’t on Netflix but it is such an amazing series I couldn’t not mention it. And if your any normal student, you’ll know where to watch it (hehehe). This is a series that took me a while to watch. Everyone raved about it and on how good it was, but for me the trailers just didn’t do it justice. It looked old fashioned and not that great. I was staying on my own in a hotel for some training course and was bored so decided to try it. I LOVED IT. I’m so sad that i managed to get through all the series in like a month and now I have to wait so long for the next season. Which i’ve heard their releasing in two parts because its the final (cry, cry). So I’m eagerly waiting for that.

Pretty little liars:

Yaaaaas I watched, I loved. Im waiting for the final series to come out. I started watching this when I was young and never really understood what happened to Allison (the main missing girl). So decided to give it another go and damnnn I had missed out so much information!! Theres so many twists and turns, and just when you think you understand whats going on and who killed who BANG a new secret or twist! Just utter craziness.

Gossip Girl:

God I love the girly series, I never realised how much until I started writing this. Gossip girl is a cute series I started watching to have something on in the background whilst I did work with my pal in 2nd year. Beware.. if your a girl into fashion and well gossip, you’ll be hooked. I found myself watching every episodes untill 3 in the morning, just because it was getting juicy.


I think this is a channel 4 original, but Netflix grabbed it and uploaded it. Its all about money laundering and the gangster life in New York. Again they are currently working on a new season. Ooh ooh, it also features 50 cent.

Vampire Diaries:

This is a season I was reluctant to watch because I felt like I was cheating on Twilight (yup, the Netflix life is real). But after hours of not being able to find a series to watch, me and my boyfriend decided to give it ago, and it was pretty good. A lot of drama and unexpected twists. Defo worth a watch.

White collar:

Again is a series I started with my boyfriend, for something new to watch. Its about a con artists going and working with the FBI (white collar division) to help them catch other con artists. I’m pretty sure its based or inspired by a famous con artists but its very interesting. and bonus, theres so many seasons (plenty to keep you occupied for a while).

Gilmore girls:

Now I started watching this for something to have on in the back ground (I’m one of these people that have to have the tv on or music if I’m in my room) and well to just pass the time. Its a 7 season long series and I remember watching the odd episode when I was like 12 because E4 used to air it. So I decided to put it on and see how it went, BAD move. I’m hooked!! I’m hooked on the old cringey chick series. I love it!! Females – give it ago! I’m currently on season 4, and just to hype it a little more, there currently working on a come back season “a year in the life”. (I’d be lying if I wasn’t overly excited).

I don’t know about anyone else, but series remind me of occasions and certain times in my life, like proven above. So I defiantly enjoy going back to series I’ve watched before. Anyway thats just the ones I can remember, i’ve defiantly watched loads more (after reading this back i’ve realised I should get out more) but there all worth a watch. I hope i’ve helped someone out thats been stuck on something to watch and if anyone has recently watched an amazing series on Netflix and I haven’t mentioned it (if thats possible), please comment and share it with me so I can rebound to something else when Gilmore Girls end (sad times). P.s my toga outfit is on my Instagram, check it out below!! 

Happy weekend – signing out the hermit TYLA x


7 thoughts on “I need to get out more

  1. Cool post. Might actually have to try some of these out! The Walking Dead is also on Netflix and is amazing if you are okay with some Gore. Also, bump White Collar to your must watch list. That series has profound character development and when it finally ends you will still be begging for more! Really wish they would start it up again. I remain hopeful.

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  2. Netflix is great for binge watching. My first series was 24 (no longer on Netflix) and I also watched the original Dark Shadows TV series. If you enjoy Kevin Spacey, try the Netflix original series House of Cards. Shows like The West Wing and The X-Files ran for many years and offer a great chance to kill some hours. Great post, enjoyed the content. Good luck in school.

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  3. Not come across Power before, will have to check that out! I’m looking forward to getting started on the new The Walking Dead, but I’ve recently finished Stranger Things (fab!), and started on Luke Cage (not as good as Jessica Jones in my opinion so far, but still pretty good) and American Crime Story. I also get the feeling I need to get out more! 🙂


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