Bitter sweet



So back in Birmingham, ready to head to cheer after a bitter sweet weekend. I’ve spent the day on the sofa with my mum and sisters, which was lush! And as planned I did go bowling with the family Sunday night which was great family time, and also great fun! I wasn’t too good at bowling, I managed to get a couple strikes and the odd good throw but when I say odd, i mean about 4 times lol (I thought I was better than that). We had a few games of pool, which I was slightly better at. Me and my mum  also had ago on this virtual reality game, which strangely gave me a motion sickness feeling, although the game was quite fun! (and yes I did jump out of my skin when spiders jumped on the screen. In the game of course).

This was a much needed night out after having some not so good news on the Saturday. I had found out that my little cat had been killed. Now most people laugh or think its silly when someone is upset by a pet dying, and I have been guilty of this in the past when i’ve heard of people being upset by a pets death. But honestly when it happens to you, its quite sad. When I arrived home Friday night my mum had said she hadn’t seen the cat in a few days, now sometimes this is normal for cats but I had a gut feeling because hutch (my cat) had been in the routine of being at the back door every morning waiting for food. Hutch was a little timid kitten that I had picked up with her brother, and took care of for the past 5 years. 5 years exactly on Saturday in fact (ironic right?) So as you can imagine I was quite upset to find out Hutch had been killed by a car. Not only had someone hit her in broad day light, but they also left her in the road. I find this crazy because (I hope I never do) but if i ever hit an animal I would see if it was ok, and if it wasn’t…. take it to a vets right? but no they left her. Someone left my little Hutch in the road all day. Thankfully someone later found her and kindly took her to the vets, and this is how we found out. So she is now tucked away, buried in her bed in the garden, so at least she’s back home. Still I’d much rather whoever hit her to either watch there driving.. or think of the family and take her to a vets. I think its very disrespectful to just leave a family pet in the road, and i’m sure whoever did it wouldn’t like it if it was there pet. So i am quite angry about this. By me living away at uni too means I hadn’t seen her much recently, but when I did come home she would always greet me in my room if she was in. I’ll definitely miss my little Hutch.


Anyway, heading off to cheer practice now, before a long week of uni and more work!! (and a toga party). Yes I have a toga party, I still need to find an outfit but I am looking forward to this! Pictures to follow!! Appreciate your pets people, you are their only family. Enjoy your week 🙂

Tyla x


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