I started my dissertation


So I am very proud to announce (but also quite shocked at myself) that after just three weeks in.. I’ve started my dissertation!! Yes that’s right, me?! Tyla?! I have stuck to schedule and completed my first aim on my dissertation timetable! WOOP! I mean I’m not sure how long this will last, but as it stands I am on track! I also attended my first ever tutorial at university about my dissertation. Let me just inform you that during anyone’s time at uni, your supposed to book and ATTEND a personal one to one tutorial with your tutor when any deadline is coming up. This is something I have not once done (hehe haha). I’m that student that when a teacher says “how many of you have had your tutorials” I’m that 5% that just puts their head down! (even though my grades have no been effected by this??) So booking and attending my first ever tutorial in my second week is a very big thing! I’m on track (for once). But little tip I will say for students, do what you feel is right. If you tutor is telling you to go meet them, you don’t need to? obviously if your running behind or you are confused, go have that tutorial. If you just feel its inconvenient, don’t worry! i’ve done alright.. so far!

The student lock in was also yesterday and again I am shocked. I didn’t buy anything for myself! I know, I know I made this big thing about student benefits and how you should take advantage of them and I have! Just not for myself at this moment in time! To be honest there wasn’t a lot I wanted or could afford if I did want it so I’ll just wait for Christmas for anything special! Although I did purchase a winter coat online, hours before whilst I was sat in class :))))) Mum its cold all the way over here in Birmingham, really really cold *puppy dog eyes*.

I also some how managed to get tickets for Drakes tour. Yaaaaaaaay! I’m very excited about this, and let’s just say I technically got the tickets free which is a win win! So come February when I’m all dissertation-ed out and ready to give up, I can go tire my body out some more and watch drake! It’s going to be amazing.

Anyway, I’m heading back to Cheltenham now for a weekend of work (I know, how do I do it?!) but I’m going bowling with the family Sunday so that is something to look forward too!

Also sending love and remembering my special uncle space on what would of been his 45th birthday yesterday xx

Happy weekend everyone – Tyla xxx


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