Happy 10th Blog!!!


happy 10th blog!! Yep this is my 10th post, go me! Im quite proud of myself that i’ve actually maintained this whole blogging thing, and kept it going! Normally I get an idea into my head, I try it and give up after a while.. but so far so good! and i’m actually quite enjoy it! Its quite therapeutic writing about my life.

I’ve also hit 20 followers, now this may not seem like a lot to people that use Instagram or Twitter but 20 followers on a blog that’s only been active a couple of weeks is pretty good and I feel quite impressed with myself that people are actually interested in what I have to say! (Unusual). Having someone read and listen to topics on your mind is a lovely thing and I just want to thank everyone for there support! Especially the Facebook community! Starting a blog and expressing your thoughts is always a daunting thing, something I’ve wanted to do for a while, so actually doing it and receiving support and compliments is amazing! I’ve also had a lot of response from the fellow WordPress community which is lovely, getting the support from fellow bloggers is always a bonus! So thank you!

Now back to uni! As most students will know, scheduling is key! So we got given our dissertation and final project deadlines and tips on how to manage our work! With so much work I needed a way to organise my deadlines and well.. my life! In previous years I would just take note of all my deadlines on my Microsoft notes and when the dates were approaching I would start ticking them off to see what I had left! This would tell me what work I needed to do but there was never any scheduling involved! With my dissertation, final project to complete, still with other modules to do, whilst also finding time for cheer and my social life and work I needed a way to stay on top of things. Whilst reading fellow bloggers page’s about uni life, i’ve picked up some tips. The main one is getting a planner! Remember those planners you’d get given in secondary school? Basically one of those but prettier. So I took this on board found a good academic diary with both 2016 & 2017 in! Its great its got deadline dates, calendars, dates and timetables.


Anyone that knows me is probably quite impressed, thinking i’m a changed women BUT trust me with all the work i’ve got going on, I honestly have no other choice. I’ve created a timetable of my life (I know, how sad) but this means i’ll always be on top of my work and i’ve also created a timetable/ schedule for my dissertation. Now as long as I stick to this I will be ready to submit on time (so no last minute rushing, i’m hoping anyway).


Honestly you may think i’m mad (i’m even quite shocked) but if your a final year student, I highly recommend this idea. So wish me luck, i’ll need it!!

Have a good week – Ty x


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