Happy Birthday!!!


You don’t realise what matters in life until your at least 21, hey you don’t even realise want you want from life until.. Well I’ll let you know when I find out! Life’s crazy, total madness! If you know exactly where you stand, where your life is going and your completely content then your very lucky! It’s only recently I’ve realised what’s most important, family are always priority and what having real friends mean. I’m very grateful of the small group of girls I call my best friends, and my family are everything to me!Β 

On that note, happy birthday mumma Hutchinson!!! It’s my mums big birthday and she deserves to be spoilt! Unfortunately I’m not with her to celebrate because I’m away at uni but I’ll be with her Saturday to celebrate! Times like this I miss living at home, events like birthdays are so precious to me because it’s family time and family time is so important!!

When I started uni 2 years ago, my baby sister had just been born! This was a difficult time for me because I was just about to move away, when I moved to university she was only 2 weeks old! So you can imagine the emotion of leaving her behind! I managed to visit quite often, so I didn’t miss out on too much! Now she’s two years old and she’s honestly crazy, just like the rest of us in the family! I also have another sister now, 6 months old and she’s adorable! She’ll defiantly be the princess! I’ve never really experienced someone growing up around me from birth because realistically I was either to young or never interested (bratz dolls were everything back then)! But watching my two sisters growing up from day one is honestly amazing! Seeing their first roll over, sitting up for the first time and first steps is precious! Living away makes you appreciate family and friends so much more!

I’ve also learnt surrounding yourself with positivity is key to being happy! I realised tomorrow may never happen, so do what makes you happy in that moment. You want that top online but your saving to have that spare bit of money in the bank for a rainy day, you see that tattoo you like and want but your savings are just in case your car breaks down, you want to join your friends on the group cinema date but you planned to stay in until pay day to save some money? NO! Live in the moment, be happy, enjoy every day as it comes! don’t plan to be happy on pay day, or plan for a rainy day that may never happen? Rainy days aren’t rainy days if you’ve got your whole life’s savings to back you up (obviously be sensible though, you do not want to become poor).

Living away from everything you’ve grown up with makes you look at life a whole different way! Β And for me has made me happy with everything and everyone I have around me! Lots of love to them people! Here’s a little video that I like to watch when I’m missing home!Β 

Happy birthday mumma hutch! Love you lots & thank you for making me who I am today xxxxxx

Family Video – Click Here


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