Student benefits


Now I feel like I’ve portrayed student life in a negative way.. When it’s not! Student life is hard but it’s also one of the best times in life! The amount of benefits that follow being a student is great and most students don’t even know about all the benefits they can receive! 

Over draft:

Now over drafts receive negative views and yeah being in your over draft doesn’t always feel great (me from the day I started uni). But this is the only time in your life you can get a over draft interest free! They range from all different sizes (mine being the highest obviously)! And honestly they do help A LOT!

Santander account:

If your a student you have to open a student bank account for your loans to go into, this also enables you to set up an interest free student over draft! One of the benefits with Santander (which I majorly took advantage off) is a free rail card! Yes that’s right discounted train tickets for the whole time your studying! This is brill because in my second year I commuted, so what would of cost me between £25-35 a day (depending on time of travel) actually cost me about £15 which is brill! This rail card also half’s the price on short travels around Birmingham (five ways to the centre for example). These rail cards are normally £30, and most students don’t even know about them! So get a Santander account for the best over draft and free rail card (I promise there not paying me to say this lol).

Uni days:

Yes the beautiful app called uni days, which if your a student and your not using uni days.. HELLO WAKE UP!! Uni days is life! By showing your uni days ID (a page to prove your a student) you can get discount on so many places, this can be used in store or even online! My favourite is obviously top shop with a lovely 10% of anything I buy :))) they also do events where they either bump up the percentage of discount or they allow a discount to a new store for a period of time! They add new perks too like most recently they added 10% of Morrison shopping, which is amazing! Everyone needs to do a food shop so by getting money of this is probably one of the most useful perks! You can also get 10% of apple products (which when buying that Mac book, saved me £100). There are so many useful discounts on there! 



That’s right, we still get half terms! We don’t get as many as school or college students but we get longer periods of time! So Christmas, when students normally get 2 or 3 weeks away from school, us uni students get almost two months off (beginning of December to end of Jan). Which is great family time, or time to earn money or just lots of lie ins! We also get a mega long summer, almost three months! Some people could agree that students are paying for there course and should be in class more but being a student, it’s amazing to get away! And we do still have work to do over the holidays 😦 so give us a break!

Student lock in:

I’m not sure if everywhere does this, but I know my home town and Birmingham do! At the beginning of the year, October time when everyone returns to uni, the shops do a massive discount and only lets students in. So in cheltenham I know certain shops like superdry have an evening student lock in and you go in and get a percentage of everything in store! In Birmingham most stores in the bull ring has a discount, they are all different amounts but you go in and get a stamp after presenting your student ID and then you can go into any shop with that stamp and get a discount! I personally use this opportunity to get Christmas presents! (And me to me presents of course). 

All in all students actually get a lot of help, not going to lie life is still hard and expensive but these little benefits defiantly have a massive impact! So if you’re a student not using some of the above then get on it!!! trust me, it helps!

Happy monday – Tyla x


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