I was late

First day back at uni!!! I was there all of an hour and of course I was late :))) (nothing new). A lecture all about our dissertation due date which is end of April (I know right, so soon) and then my production project in May! Along with other modules still to do, so it’s safe to say I’m going to be a busy bee! This welcome back lecture is always the same, half the students  do not turn up because they’ve all learnt its always pointless, they talk about how important the year is (as if we didn’t already know), discuss some events coming up and deadlines. The lecturer then decided to scare the crap out of us all and explain what happens if we fail anything! The worrying part is if we fail any module after Christmas, we don’t get to go to graduation so this is where the stress begins (I want to chuck my hat in the air with everyone else!!). I have my first seminars tomorrow, this is when the year actually starts! 


Monday also brought freshers to an end with the closing party at the 02! The week consisted of fancy dress, free stuff at the freshers fair, alcohol and signing up to a society! (ooh what one did I join?!). I said I’d keep you updated on that one just in case I didn’t enjoy it but turns out I really do! Me and my flat mate joined BCU cheerleading!! We had training Monday and Tuesday this week (yes my body is already aching). There was a lot of exercise involved, some I hadn’t done in years like gymnastics! I was the flyer (because apparently I’m shorter than I realised) this is the person who is always at the top during stunts (basically being thrown in the air) this is probably good considering i’m a weakling, so wouldn’t be able to lift anyone lol. But so far so good! We’ve got our first social tonight with all the cheerleading girls at the white T-shirt event. This time of year is always so difficult as your starting your first term of the year at uni at the same time as all the events! Like tonight I’m going to the social but have my first full day at uni tomorrow at 9 (should I just cry now?) I think I can do it? Or let’s hope so anyway!! This blog probably hasn’t been that interesting just because this weeks been crazy BUT i’ll get back to topics for the next post. 

Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂 – Ty x 


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