I have no idea??! 

So I officially start my final year at university in three days, woah scary! It’s comes around so quickly, I’d love to start the course all over again but at the same time I’m glad the work I’ve done is out of the way!! This year involves my dissertation and my final project (stressful times) I have a rough idea of what I’m doing for both as I’ve already done pitches and presentations for them (uni trying to keep us organised and prepared) but there’s still a lot of work and planning to do! 

This year always brings out so many questions: what are you doing for your dissertation, what’s your plan for after graduation, what area are you going to go into, what about a gap year?! So many questions and so many different answers.. But truthfully I have no idea. I’m in the stage where I have so many options that’s I’m struggling to pick a path! My course is so broad I could enter music, radio, production, PR work, management, you name it I could probably find a job in that area! The music industry is so wide that I’m drowning in options! People could say that going into my third year I should have a plan, but I challenge you to find a final year student with a solid plan!! Although I am undecided I have narrowed myself down to three options: 

  • Take a gap year with my boyfriend (good experience but expensive
  • Go straight into work (what I’ve been learning for but am I ready for adult life
  • Take my masters degree and stay at Birmingham (or take a leap and take my masters in a new place? London?

So yeah you could say everything’s a bit up in the air right now! And it’s something I can’t even decide until maybe half way through the year due to uni helping with opportunities too!   It’s all very exciting and daunting at the same time! 

Our apartments all set for us to go back to uni, all unpacked, extra furniture purchased (yes we put two desks together ourselfs, impressed?). All were waiting for is broadband to be set up and we’re ready!! So everything’s running smoothly! Found this cute little quote on Facebook yesterday which is supposed to be dedicated to me: 

Have a nice Saturday – Ty x 


7 thoughts on “I have no idea??! 

  1. Such a tough decision!! When I was getting ready to graduate my university, I narrowed it down to three similar options. In the end, I did a little of each, and now, two years later, I’m looking into a master’s. So go figure!

    Best of luck with your decision 🙂

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      1. Do it! I spent a few months taking small, relatively local trips with my boyfriend, then worked fulltime for about a year, and now I’m taking a few small trips again while applying for grad programs. Life is funny like that — you never know where you’ll end up 🙂

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