“We found somewhere”


So after searching for a property with a 9 month rental contract instead of a year, having no joy, being stuck at the beginning of September with still no where to live for our final year. Even calling student accommodation services for help and being told to google ‘student accommodation’ (I know, thanks for the good advice). With problem after problem, WE FOUND SOMEWHERE! It’s perfect! Never been lived in, right on broad street (yep yep players here we come) and what’s best it’s CLEAN! The struggle is real to find a student home that’s clean! We moved in today after a loooooong contract discussion, but happy everything is sorted and we are in our little two bed home! 


This will be the first Offical place Ive lived in other than my family home and halls! So first time paying my own bills and rent, not having my mum down stairs or 6 other girls down the hall (in halls)! Just me and my best gal Gemma! I think it’ll be good! If your a student you’ll know estate agents are awful when it comes to student housing! Our apartment actually isn’t for students but they still treat you like your dumb because of the student status! So yeah actually getting the place was a bit of a nightmare but now it’s officially ours and we are in! How exciting! 

So living right in the centre of Birmingham, two seconds from the clubbing area, things are looking bright for the final year (that of course until bills and assignments begin). Tomorrow is the freshers fair where you basically receive hundreds of flyers, sign up for everything thats free and get a free domino’s (win win). Me and Gem are thinking of joining a society too so ill keep you updated on that. 

So let freshers begin, new home and new year. Heres to mine and Gemma’s first night in our new home, and a few little (big) drinks down the road! Oh and somehow figuring out how to get the hot water going!? (first apartment problems). 

Ty x


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