Pass me the wine!!


So it happened, the worst of the worst! Problem with accommodation!!! We were so close to it being finalised, all we needed was one more ok and we’d be ready to go! We have our moving in date, the 20th of September and all the bits to move in with! Now considering we started this process over a month ago, I had hoped that by now it would all be finalised  so we were relaxed and ready to go, but no! With three days until we’re supposed to be moving in there becomes a problem (I know, pass me the wine) There is a possibility that we can resolve this problem, but like every other problem we’ve had, we have to wait for a reply from the letting agents to see if we can sort this (which by the way, they don’t rush to do). Now let me just remind you, today is Saturday, were supposed to be moving in Tuesday… THREE days! Baring in mind the estate agents don’t open on weekends (yep I know, the stress is real right now) so with one working day left until we are supposed to move in, we still don’t even have a solid 100% yes your moving in! Let me just tell you, nothing has been easy about this process so I am hoping and praying that this problem goes away, quickly! I mean this wouldn’t be a major issue if uni wasn’t starting any time soon but freshers and uni starts up next week (yeah your right, maybe just pass me the bottle). Let’s hope I get that email I’ve been waiting for, first thing Monday morning! (Pfft who am I kidding, it’ll probably arrive Monday night). 


On the brighter side (or just organised side) I have started Christmas shopping. I know right EW. Most people will probably be shocked maybe even angry that I’m starting Christmas shopping in September BUT I figured if I start now, spread the cost over four months instead of four weeks Like I normally do.. My money will last me a lot longer! This is a tactical move (or so I’m telling myself). I mean I probably wont buy another christmas present for weeks but hey I started, we can pretend my plan will work? 

Realistically I’ve had a bitter sweet last couple of days. Let’s hope my Monday starts positively!! 

Signing out – a tired Ty


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