“I’ll never pay it back”


Relaxing in the garden is something I haven’t been able to do in weeks. I have a day off work, with no plans and nothing I have to do. This is a position everyone wishes for, something i’ve been waiting for all summer!! Something you don’t quite consider is what you are actually going to do for an entire day. Luckily for me the weather was lovely and sunny so what better way than to spend my free day in the garden with my laptop. I decided to edit some projects I’ve been meaning to work on for a while and I just never got round to finishing them. One was editing the footage from my sisters 2nd birthday ( the video below) and the other was footage from Reading festival (which still isn’t complete). All in all I had a very chilled day, even though my sister was running back and forth to me trying to get me to put Mr Potato head together (fun, fun). 

I also spent the day working out what funds i’ll have for the year. This comes after finally getting accepted for this years student finance and sending of my declaration to agree to the amount they’ve offered. I can honestly say every student is excited when getting that letter breaking down exactly how much we are going to receive for the year. After breaking it down to pay living costs, you become a lot less excited! If your a student you’ll understand that your student loan does not go far. Another thing that never crosses students minds is paying it back. Something I often hear is “i’ll never pay it back”. I don’t get this? If this is your mind set, that you’ll never pay it back because you’ll never earn enough then your setting yourself up for a fail. Yeah some people might never reach that dream job they went to uni for, meaning they’ll never earn enough to pay back there loan. BUT if you enter uni in the mind set of never repaying your loans then you obviously think you’ll never get the job your studying for. So why are you at uni? I hope one day I’m in a position to pay my loans back because that way I would of reached my goals and achieved that dream job. Yeah some people are at uni for the experience which is fair enough, but if you are honestly at university to succeed in the future, then hope some day your in a position to pay back your loans because then you would of accomplished everything you studied for. 

Random thought of the day. Enjoy the short film below – 

Billi’s 2nd birthday – Click here

Ty x 


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