Health Check

The dreaded MOT day!!! Yes the day had arrived for my little car to have its first MOT since I’ve owned it. In actual fact my first ever time putting a car in for MOT, so as you can imagine with me getting ready to go back to uni and money being tight, I am crapping myself!! It’s been a good little runner back and forth from cheltenham to Birmingham all year, but there have been some issues I’ve been worried about! So I put the car in, not knowing what sort of price I’ll be paying when I take it back out! My insurance is also due in two days, so it’s the question of will I be renewing it? or maybe even be without a car?! You could say the day was a massive worry for me!

I spent the day with my Nan and mum buying bits for uni, I mean this is a fun day out but as anyone with a car knows you can’t think of anything other than your MOT!!!! This day was also my pay day (yes perfect timing for an MOT right?) I treat my nan and mum both to lunch, which is something i’ve been promising since I started uni, so it felt good to be able to do this finally! I did warn them that if my car failed, they would be paying me back lol (serious? or joking?) We head back to the garage and yep as I expected there is an issue that needs to be sorted before it can pass. BUT to my surprise it was just the headlights had misted over and needed a clean, which they then sorted for me! Which means my car was a PASS yay!!!! Of course there were a few advisories but nothing to worry about for at least six months! I then could sort my insurance and with my year of no claims I managed to get a new price which was over 50% cheaper than what I was currently paying! Safe to say the day was a success! A day which could of been the complete opposite!


With two weeks to go until I move back to uni, accommodation still isn’t sorted. I mean its getting there, its in the process, but its very long winded I can tell you that. The worst part is its not official. Meaning at any point we could be stuck back at square one, this is just one of the many struggles of uni life. Finding somewhere to sleep at night!!! This is the last item on my to-do list before i’m fully ready to head off. I pray it all comes through ok!

T x


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