My first post!


   Welcome! My final year is quickly approaching and I thought I’d blog the whole experience for something to look back on, and I guess a bit of amusement! I’ll be working along side uni part time, (yep go me bringing in the penny’s – and slowly dying) it’ll also be the year of my dissertation! (Dying a bit more). Everyone dreads this year and no one knows what to expect so what better way than to share this year so people know the ACTUAL journey to graduating! I’ll be studying music so along side my dissertation I’ll also have a final project to complete (getting closer and closer to the edge).

  Summer is just about to end, I pretty much just worked all summer. I have just returned from reading festival though, that is defiantly the best way to end summer! The image on this page was of course the mighty Oliver Heldens DJ set, my forever favourite! Best act over the weekend for me! 

  So now i’ve worked full-time for the past three months, and spent all that hard work on a long bank holiday weekend in Reading its now time to start getting ready to move back to Birmingham! Things to buy, accommodation to rent (yep last minute is me), here goes the busy next couple of weeks! Wish me luck!!

T x 


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